Addie's Overhaul

This blog is to document my lifestyle overhaul, primarily focusing on getting fit and healthy.

Yesterday I went for a 13 minute run. That’s not very long sure, but I ran the whole time, did a couple of intense hills, and I didn’t really have time to be going for a run in the first place. I knew it would make me later than I’d said for a social event, but I’d had a little nap and was feeling really lethargic, and I knew that would perk me up and let me feel good about getting some exercise into the day. I felt great after and had lots of energy.

Today I went for a 2 hour walk in the woods with my friend who is visiting from out of town. It was raining but we bundled up (hat, raincoat and boots for me) and had a lovely time chatting and enjoying nature. That sort of thing doesn’t even feel like exercise because I enjoy it so much but I felt it in my legs!

Best run ever!!

My friend picked me up at 8:30pm and we drove down to the beach which has paved and gravel paths all along for running/walking etc. It is pretty well lit. It was cold and wet but it didn’t phase us at all.

We didn’t warm up. We started running right away because it was so damn cold.

We ran for 10 minutes. Then we took a 2 minute pee break. Then we ran for TWENTY MINUTES straight!!

This is huge for me. It’s like suddenly everything just clicked and my lungs have improved in leaps and bounds. I’d taken my puffer about 20 minutes beforehand, and my asthma didn’t bother me at all.

My first run back in April I could only run for 45 seconds at a time. I haven’t been all that diligent about it, some weeks not going at all, on average once or twice a week, occasionally three times - but I have come so far!!

I’m really proud of myself for consistently pushing past my comfort zone allowing me to progress rapidly. I feel amazing right now and this is honestly one of the most personally rewarding things I’ve done, mostly because I never thought I could.

Goal Pants

I have a pair of pants hanging in my closet. I bought them about 7 years ago, when I started my first office job, before I started gaining weight. I love these pants. I only got to wear them about 3 or 4 times before they got too small because I was gaining weight fast as a result of both medication for anxiety and switching to a sedentary job where I ate at the food court nearby almost every day.

At one point I couldn’t even slide the pants up past my thighs.

A few months ago I got them all the way up finally but couldn’t zip or button them up.

Today, they slid up easily, zipped and buttoned!! They are still a bit too tight to wear comfortable and give me a muffin top, but I am SO CLOSE!!!

This was very exciting and encouraging for me.

They make my ass look fantastic.

I’m finally mostly recovered from my cold and was back at it today! I did 1 hour and 15 minutes of hatha yoga, about an hour of walking and half an hour of running.

I was surprised that my running doesn’t seem to have suffered from 2 weeks off.

I feel great!

Woke up and immediately did some ab work. Off for Thanksgiving at a friend’s house today, so at least I did a little something even if nothing else gets done today!

Kelly Osbourne’s transformation is incredible and inspiring. Look how foxy she is now!

Kelly Osbourne’s transformation is incredible and inspiring. Look how foxy she is now!

(Source: thrlve, via funeralformyfat)

Today I did an hour and 15 minutes of yoga and then did about the same amount of time doing run-walk intervals around a lake on a beautiful warm and sunny October Day.

I enjoyed every minute of it, and feel good about getting a day of activity in before two thanksgiving dinners (one tomorrow and another Monday).

Yes, I’m Canadian if you are confused about the Thanksgiving thing.

After my power walk I had a healthy wrap for dinner and then I did some wall sits, a plank and stretches.

Not a bad day at all!

Most likely hitting up yoga again tomorrow even though I’m sore from yesterday’s class!

2 hour power trail walk and catch up session with one of my besties who’d been away for about 7 weeks! Good times and great exercise. Just got back, and now I’m starving! Dinnertime!